Technical articles about my experiences in Game Development.

While I've not been in the industry long I've found it helpful to document interesting things as I learn them to help me truly understand them. I hope you might find them interesting too!

URP Fullscreen Outline Effect - Part One

There is zero outlining in this part. There is a lot about Scriptable Renderer Features and Scriptable Render Passes though!

Building a custom renderer for Unity - Directional Shadow Rendering

Rendering shadows is a computationally intensive task, but vital for most real-time rendering applications. Here I discuss some technical details about why they are heavy, techniques to prevent shadow artifacts and a "light" explanation of how they are drawn/sampled.

Building a custom renderer for Unity - Draw Calls & Batching

I once went down to the river to skip stones, there sat a wise old man who said to me "Don't use MaterialPropertyBlock in the new SRPs (unless you want to break batching on purpose in which case you do you)"

Building a custom renderer for Unity - Intro

The 'new' rendering pipelines have been around for a few years now but a lot of developers aren't familiar with how these actually work. Understanding how Unity is rendering your game will help you make better games and trying to make an SRP is a great way to understand why SRPs are the future.

Web Development vs Game Development

I used to be a web developer. These were my thoughts at the time that I made the transition to games about the differences. It was written before I was a Game Developer when I was working with Unity to make mobile/desktop/vr products at Gravity Sketch!

Stop letting people tell you how to learn

This is an article I wrote on Dev.To that stemmed from a lot of frustration I would see around gate keeping on how to best learn xyz. At the time it was written about React Native but this applies to everything including Unity.