Things I’ve made.

Since getting into games I've been lucky enough to ship games/products as well as doing lots of learning of different technologies and tried out lots of prototypes/projects. Here are some of them!

  • Syberia: The World Before

    Part of a team helping to port this beautiful HDRP PC game to Xbox Series S|X and PS5. Lots of work optimising and profiling looking at native GPU captures and trying to claw back frame time. My first credit 😊


  • Gravity Sketch iPad

    Member of a small team taking an existing VR 3D modelling application and converting it to a 2D app compatible with the Apple Pencil. Worked on lots of UI using Unity UI and was involved in the product design.

    App Store

  • Landing Pad Web Viewer

    Originally started as a hack day project that morphed into the first 2D way for users of Gravity Sketch to view their 3D creations. Had lots of fun visualisation modes and camera settings.

    Landing Pad

  • Airship Combat with your Friends

    Created during the Solutions Fall Hackweek 2022 along with 4 other members of the Solutions team. Multiplayer airship combat game inspired by Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Made in 5 days. I worked on the game manager netcode and the camera controllers. A lot of fun to work on and fully playable.

  • Raytracing in a Weekend

    Went through the Raytracing in a Weekend course while waiting to start my job at Unity. First time using C++ since first year of University, implement rendering spheres with diffuse/metallic and dielectrics surfaces. Very satisfying to do would recommend!

  • Custom SRP

    During my personal development time at Unity I took some time learning how to implement a custom rendering pipeline for Unity. I learnt a lot of graphics and rendering doing this project and discovered how much I like working on those topics.

  • DOTS Experiment

    I volunteered for some DOTS training before the Entities 1.0 release. This involved getting used to writing Burst/Jobs and understanding how to create systems in a Data Oriented way. I love DOTS! ❤️