I'm Joe Fazzino.
I get paid to make video games.

Since I was 13 trying to learn how to use the UDK and Hammer Editor (sorry Unity) I always wanted to make games. I thought because I was pretty bad at Maths in school and very bad at Physics that it wasn't gonna work out but after a CS degree and after a lateral move at Gravity Sketch where I got to learn Unity. I got a job at Unity and after one final lateral move I now find myself in the slightly surreal position of being able to say that I'm a Game Developer.

My personal goal is to just learn everything there is about game development and production because I find it all incredibly interesting. I've read books spanning different areas of game development obviously with a focus on programming (my favourite is either Data Oriented Design, or Game Programming Patterns). I do this because I've found overwhelmingly that I have no idea what I really want to do in the future because as soon as I think I have an answer to that something shows up that I never expected to enjoy that I end up loving.

My list of things I didn't expect to enjoy but now love to do include but are not limited to: profiling, optimisation (CPU/GPU), low level graphics, cinematography, (small) project management, hiring/interviewing, etc...