Frontier Feud

picture demonstrating current development state of Frontier Feud

Arcade couch versus

Starting as a wannabe game jam project this has grown considerably. The idea is a straightforward couch versus game where both players are trying to progress into the other's territory, once the player has passed all of their opponents territory they win.

The gameplay as it stands features some mechanics that turn this relatively simple premise into a more interesting tug of war (or that's the theory). The gun that each player has fires bullets that inflict a status effect on their target. While the list of effects is still being worked out things like slowing the other player down or transforming them into a different object will have obvious advantages when it comes to trying to get past them.

The project has been in development since late August and the eventual goal is to self publish this on Steam and use it as a showcase for getting a role in the industry and maybe one day being able to start my own self funded indie studio.