Blogging in 2019

Long time readers will know that this blog lived under a different domain and a different stack. When I first decided that I wanted to try doing a blog I was all in on React Native. It was my full time job, I had a side project I was working on until 2am every night on and I wanted to start going a bit deeper into the world wide web aspect of React so I thought a Gatsby blog would be a good place to start.

Here I am now almost a year later (10 months to be exact) and I'm a full time web developer after finishing my degree in Computer Science. I don't work with React anymore, although I still like it a lot see here, I work with Angular every day now which is an entertaining turn of events if you think about it for long enough, which I try not to. Seeing as I've accidently ended up working with React, Vue.js and Angular I thought to myself...

Why stop there?!

So I decided I would try and make my new blog with my shiny new domain in Svelte using it's Next.js like framework Sapper.

Here's some stuff I really like about this so far having gone through the entire process from start to finish.


  • Svelte is genuinely a new clever web framework
  • Sapper is part of the Svelte family (unlike Next.js being independent to React)
  • It wasn't super hard to learn having had experience with Angular and Vue (obviously your mileage may vary. I'd say it's like the template style of Angular with the component/styling style of Vue)


  • It's new so you're one of the first people solving problems (looking at you markdown to HTML conversion)
  • No TypeScript support but it's being worked on (this isn't a con for me I'm not a big fan)
  • VSCode support is okay but not 10/10

I realise my cons list is me saying "it's new" in 3 different ways but that's my way of showing that so far I've not really experienced what I would consider a technological failing on the part of the framework. This is however my very first project I've used it for and it's only a blog so it's hardly pushing any boundaries or limits although I do prefer the experience of making this blog more than the experience of setting up a Gatsby blog.

I'm going to try and start posting a bit more regularly but try is really the operative word in that sentence.