Shaders are one of those concepts that I was pretty convinced I would never actually understand and only people far more intelligent than me (the shader magi) would be able to create something amazing with them. This is not the case and actually, for me it's turned into a bit of a gateway drug into wanted to learn more about how graphics and rendering actually works.

The first shader I wrote was with Three.js following along to a Creative Coding course on Frontend Masters by Matt DesLauriers. I would be lying if I said I understood every line I wrote and even now I look back over it and have to remind myself of the purpose of certain lines. However it is something I'm quite proud of and even though lines of code wise it's fairly simple, the effect is quite impressive and something I find really satisfying to have made.

I've been trying to find time to experiment with more shaders in unity that are focused on games so below is my inaugeral water shader which was the first time I had really tried using ShaderGraph in anger. I'm actually really happy with the result but would like to go further to fix things like the shadow distortion and making it look less 'voronoi'.